mardi 3 mai 2011

An "enforced status" checkbox for IMAP unsubscription


  • An "enforced status" checkbox for IMAP unsubscription.
  • Similar in function to Enforced in GPO or !important in CSS).
  • An old mail in both
    • an enforced unsubscribed IMAP mailbox and
    • an regular subscribed mailbox
    will not be downloaded, since enforced unsubscribe overrides "regular" susbscribe.


The easy part

I access Gmail with IMAP from a desktop client and the local database is getting huge (think this). In order to make it slimmer, I decide to backup old mails.

To do this, I use a filter to grap all old emails (before:2007/04/01) and affect them a label (archives) and apply the selection to existing mails (Apply the filter to x conversations below). I then activate theAdvanced IMAP feature in Labs then I uncheck the subscribe button for the archives label.

Still with me?

Now, all my old mails are in one folder/label (archives). Since I unsubscribed from this label, I should not see it locally (If I still want to access an old mail, I go to the web interface).

The tough part

Except that… These old mails have labels of their own, like grandma, birthdays and so on. And I don't want to unsubscribe from birthdays. I just want old mails out. If a mail is labelled both birthday and archives, it will be downloaded, by virtue of belonging to birthday, even if it also belongs to archives!


With an enforce checkbox for every mailbox (once Advanced IMAP feature is on), Maild which belong to both a subscribed and an unsubscribed mailbox will be downloaded or not depending on the enforced status (of course, at least one of the mailbox must have an enforced status and at least one must not have it).

That way, I will still get new mails about birthdays on my desktop client, but I won't receive the old mail about birthday!

Please tell me if it is hard to understand.

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