lundi 28 mars 2011

Clipboard in the cloud — Chrome webclipboard extension

The webclipboard is a tool for:

  • Better copy-and-paste in Google Office (striked-through text do keep the strike when copied with the webclipboard whilst they do not with traditional copy-and-paste)
  • Multiple clipboards (useful for those who often copy and paste one or more thing — not my case)
  • Multiple computers clipboards (since the clipboard is in the cloud, not on you computer)

The webclipboard is not transparent. It must be invoked by right-clicking and selecting webclipboard — this may lessen its appeal. I suggest, for a better trans-computer experience, to combine it with Chrome sync.

The Chrome webclipboard extension allows using all these features even out of Google Office. Since it doesn't override the usual copy-and-paste (including keyboard shortcuts), no danger.

More information: help and security.