samedi 9 avril 2011

Employee leaving: remove access to all documents in Google Docs

If you use Google Apps, you should share document at domain level (or better yet at OU level if you use Google Apps Premier or Education). Then deactivating the user would prevent access in a breeze.

I yo do not use Google Apps but only a collection of Google personal accounts (that’s my case and I don’t like Google Apps that much, but again, I do not manage thousands of users), then you can use this trick to find all the documents the employee used to have access to.

The beauty of this second solution is that it also proves useful for Google Apps: an external contractor may need occasional access to internal documents. With this search operator, the contractor can be unauthorized too (deactivating account would not have work since the contractor was not an employee firsthand).

works Kudos to Google employee Teresa C. who alse pointed to search operators for Google Docs.