jeudi 14 avril 2011

Gmail’s Mail Fetcher and MobileMe

Source: chat with MobileMe support

MobileMe is in IMAP by default. It is possible to switch to POP (and thus to be able to retrieve MobileMe mail with Gmail’s Mail Fetcher, which is POP-only) but with two important limitations :
  • It is an either/or proposal — contrary to most other mail services, one cannot have both IMAP and POP enabled at the same time. The very moment when POP is enabled, IMAP is disabled. So be sure to be ready (important if looking for syncing multiple devices or if you are acting on the behalf of a customer)
  • The switch must be made by MobileMe staff, which further requires real-time switching (with the customer’s devices nearby)

Note: I goes without saying that these both limitations are Apple’s, not Google’s.