mercredi 13 avril 2011

Google docs features

This is probably incomplete. Input welcome!

However harsh I may appear by time, let me be clear: this is the most powerful web editor I know. I am very demanding (I am a certified Word specialist as well as a typography connoisseur) and well aware of Google Docs’s shortcoming, but still I am very impressed. There is still room to grow, but most people won't even use half of present-day features.

I won't do the same for Spreadsheet, as I don't know it well enough.

Basic features

  • Auto-saving
  • Cancel/redo
  • Limited formatting: non-customisable style, frustratingly basic templating, bold/italic/underline, strike-through, superscript and subscript, left/right/center/justify, nested listing (now with hybrid ordered/unordered), line-height (limited), paragraph spacing (limited)
  • Webfonts (limited choice, no advanced typography settings like swashes, alternate letters or ligatures; Word or Textedit lovers, be on your way.
  • Insert link, anchor, drawing, image, footnote, special characters (impressive), horizontal line (buggy with table of contents, though), visible page break, table of contents (awkwardly customisable), header, footnotes
  • Search/replace (limited: the only option is case-sensitiveness—way below Word)
  • Table (up to 20×20 cells quick creation, unlimited after)


  • Native printing. Nor more PDF in-between. Ctr+PCmd+P supported (which means you cannot print the HTML page of the Google Docs—you can only print the doc itself, but I don't see any use for this anyway)
  • Visible pagination (can print pages numbers too)
  • A4, Executive,…
  • Laandscape or portrait
  • Background color (won’t be printed, though)


  • Import: Word (ODF too?), picture (OCR), unconverted Word (with a previewer; not that faithful)
  • Export: ODT, PDF, RTF, text, Word, HTML


  • Language selection (for spellchecking and translation)
  • Translate document
  • Personal dictionary
  • Customisable character replacement ((c) => ©)


Going Wave!
  • Live commenting (impressive) with mail alerts and @mentions
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Advanced access control
  • Revisions


  • Ruler
  • Indent/outdent
  • Freefloating pictures


  • Equation (not calculation; just writing; LaTeX alternative, MathML?)
  • Completely full screen possible (browser full screen + hide ruler + two time hide command + hide warning bar). WriteRoom beware!
  • Statistics (word counting, signs counting)


  • Still no offline browsing :(