samedi 19 mars 2011

How much does Google Apps cost?

As usual with Google poor documentation, it is not easy to have definitive answers.
Pricing for Google Apps
Edition Pricing Eligibility Notes
Standard Free Everyone Compared to personal account, addded value is minimal or even negative
Non-profit Free U.S., up to 3000 users, comply with some part of the U.S. law. Beyond 3000 users, Premier with a 40% discount (40 $/year/user; there is no price in euros or pounds since Non-profit is only for the U.S.). Hopefully a complete feature set (contrary to Education), whatever the amount of users, but no evidence so far.
Not to be mistaken with Google for non-profits
Education Free U.S. school
Business/Premier 50$/user/year (40€ or 35£; doesn't change with exchange rate). Everyone This starts from user #1, not user #51 (I have to check this, though). So, if you are 50 users using Google Apps Standard, think twice before upgrading!