mardi 22 mars 2011

Why Google Apps Standard may be less interesting than Google personal

  • Some services are unavailable.
    • Impossible to transfert ownership of a document to an address outside of domain.
    • Despite numerous transitions, somes services are still not available (Google Buzz and probably Google Health too).
    • (update 2011/03/31) No sorting by family name in Apps version of Google Contacts. Only default sorting (by first name) is available. Gmail regular's interface has finally did it in Google Apps.
    • Email recovery is not available (source). This is a minor annoyance, since an administrator can still use reset the password.
    • dot-insensitivity does not work in Google Apps (david.latapie is the same as davidlatapie ou in Gmail; no so in Google Apps)
  • Google personal may emulate Google Apps Standard.
    • Inbound mail address: use an alias at your mail provider.
    • Outbound mail address: Gmail may send as another address.
  • Some handy things can't be completely emulated though.
    • Sharing a document with the whole domain can't be done. A solution is to use address book (manual autocompletion doesn't work; only clicking on select in my contacts does).